Passion for excellence

In our factory over 200 specialist craftsmen work to create beautiful Buddhist altars and other religious items. From procuring the highest quality wood to the final assembly process, each one of our craftsmen strives to create the most suitable product for each and every piece of wood.

It all starts here

The first part of the process here at Alte Meister starts with the selection of the wood. We select each piece of wood we use with great care as we recognise the significance of our products as items used when people offer prayers. As every piece of wood is different, we know how much this selection process can affect the end product. Through expert appreciation of these differences, careful selection of the pieces of wood and skilled woodwork, we manufacture precise shaped pieces. As a result we create very fine and unique products.

About radiation

All of our wood is procured from outside of Fukushima prefecture and we perform tests to ensure the safety of each and every one of our products.

Handling of unseasoned wood

The stage known as “wood-crafting” is where unseasoned wood is crafted into the parts that make up the final product. Working with unseasoned wood requires expert skill as small changes in temperature and humidity can cause it to change shape. Our experienced craftsmen anticipate these possible changes to produce fine parts that come together with faultless precision.

Lacquer and gold leaf painting – a delicate touch

The most beautiful and intricate designs require the most delicate of touches. From the thinnest lines to beautiful and vivid gold leaf painting typical of the Aizu style, our painters possess the skills and that “magical touch” inherited from 400 years of lacquer painting history in the Aizu area.