Creating for tomorrow

We have been a part of people’s lives through wood crafting and prayer for over 100 years. Lifestyles and the world around us have changed significantly in those 100 years so we are developing new values, skills and materials to lead us into the next 100 years.

Working with designers

To create products to suit modern lifestyles, we are working closely with interior designers and artists. Although creating new products without set plans but just ideas from designers was a new experience for our craftsmen, it has led to many discoveries and a new wave in design for our future products.

Minimizing waste

We found that during the creation of some of our products, there was a lot of waste wood and leftover unused wood in storage. To minimize waste of high-quality wood, we have created a range of small interesting products. As with our main products we focus on creating items that will reflect the true beauty and appeal of the excellent wood we use.

Developing new techniques and materials

Until recently we had mainly been developing paints to maximise the beauty and charm of our wood products. However, with our products diversifying into metals and other materials, we are now researching and developing new paints such as high luminance paints. We are also working on creating new materials in tandem with universities and public research and development institutes.